Utterly disgusting!

We’ve been told about a “company” that supposedly helps victims of sextortion. I’d already seen their videos, which are a joke. Today though I was given more information after someone we previously helped actually called them up. Here’s what the email said:

I ended up giving them a call and was reached out to by someone who said they have several plans based on length of time and cost (ex. 1500 dollars for 9-5 support for a month up to 20000 for 3 days 24-hour surveillance). The guy sounded extremely confident and very knowledgeable on the phone but it seemed fishy as they have literally no reviews but he was claiming they have locations all over the world with ties to local police. Their proposed plan of attack is to track the person blackmailing you (which you guys have said isn’t really possible as they are hiding behind fake profiles etc.) and reach out to them and tell them to back down or they are going to contact local law enforcement. I said I’d call them back and never did they also said your proposed method (which is the one that I went with and I’m glad I did) wouldn’t work and then they tried to scare me into saying they were going to doctor the videos and still release everything anyway and that going into hiding would not work.”

What complete and utter bullshit! Everything they say is wrong. The videos they have up on YouTube are ridiculous, making it appear as if they do forensic examinations of your hardware, rather than tell the scammer “Don’t do it again or we’ll call the cops”. Yeah, like that’s going to work! The simple truth is, what they’re doing is dangerous and can cause much more trouble for the person. They claim ” We have a success rate of more than 90 percent for keeping these criminals from ever sharing our clients’ personal and private images and information”. 90% is good. No, wait, 90% is terrible as it still means 10% sent this company money and got no useful help. We’ve said time and again that our method works in well over 99% of the cases. It’s also used by law enforcement. On top of that, it’s free. It doesn’t cost anything up to the $20,000 they quote for “3 days 24-hour surveillance”. I mean, sure you can donate a few bucks if you want, but we’re not going to refuse to help you if you don’t.

If you want to see their videos, check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDfYaNXa5xraFmvo7lnV6aA and let me know what you think.