Gee, what a shock!

Doing a little searching today, I stumbled on this story: I can remember 7 years ago sitting in the BBC Radio studio in Swansea, doing interview after interview on various regional stations for several hours about this story. This was before any law enforcement agency had bothered to do anything about it, and most we […]

“Cash Baiting”.

I was recently in a conversation that brought up cash baiting. Let me first explain what cash baiting is. It’s essentially baiting a scammer into sending you money. The person that does it may keep it or donate it to charity. Either way, cash baiting is wrong. I’m sure I’ve covered this before, but let […]

What a year that was!

2020 was – interesting to say the least. The two main things we’ll remember from it are the COVID-19 pandemic and the American election. Of course, as with any event, scammers were all over it and adding it to their formats. We even had one scammer who appeared to be writing his formats based on […]

Google Forms.

We try our best to keep a step ahead of the trends used by scammers as much as we can. We also like to report anything we spot, to help get the word out. This is one of those occasions. For the past week or so we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of […]

Baity McBaitface.

Most of what you see on the site is the serious side of what we do, but it’s nice from time to time to remember that some of us came into this from a different direction, and that’s the world of baiting. The oldest friendship here is Slappy and I, and that came about due […]

Do you think he’d approve?

This is something I’ve discussed before, but I’m about to post a scammer’s script onto our forum that’s brought it back to the front of my mind. Can you guess what I’m going to talk about from this? MAIL BOX We’re back to scammers happily stealing money from people while at the same time […]