“I may have made him a bear trap, but I didn’t know he’d trap bears with it.”

The title of this thread is of course tongue in cheek, but it does show a growing trend we’re experiencing. Lately we’ve had a large number of people contacting us claiming to have been wrongfully called scammers. We refer to them as “faker makers” as they’re the people who make the fake sites/ID/documents etc. for […]

Some math to get you thinking.

In a recent conversation between Big Al and I, he was telling me about how a co-worker’s wife was about to send a scammer pretending to be Paypal $20. That doesn’t sound a lot, but let’s take a look at some figures. If one person a day falls for the scam and sends £20, then […]

Easy Prey podcast.

I was recently interviewed for the Easy Prey podcast, hosted by Chris Parker who you may know better as the owner of https://www.whatismyipaddress.com. It was a chance to talk about how I started this journey, why ScamSurvivors was created and also to share both some horror stories as well as advice for people who are […]

Someone doesn’t like us.

Actually a lot of people don’t like us, but this is about one individual. This individual shall remain nameless as we don’t actually know their name. What we do know is what they tried to do, and that’s shut the site down using a cheap n nasty attempt at a DDoS attack. For those unaware […]

Metro article on PPE scammers.

Here’s a good article we worked with the writer on for the Metro website. It even has some audio of Big Al talking to a Cameroonian scammer while pretending to be a buyer. Check it out at https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/28/ppe-scammer-brazenly-secures-deal-defrauding-customer-19000-12734092/

All roads lead to Cameroon.

It goes without saying that these are strange and difficult times right now due to the Coronavirus. Where there’s a crisis, a scammer will attempt to take full advantage of it in order to separate people from their hard earned cash, and this pandemic is no different. But first, let’s talk about puppies. Puppies are […]

We have a book!!

It’s only taken 8 years, but we finally have a book to go with the site. For those unaware, we have a sister site (well, more a redheaded stepchild) called StupidScammers.com that we place any funny scammer quotes at. We finally had enough to make a book out of them, so that’s exactly what we […]

2019 site stats.

Now the dust has settled on 2019 and our hangovers have finally been shaken off (though some scammers still insist on sending us “HAPPY NEW YEAR” emails), let’s take a look at how we did last year. The results are skewed due to our switching to a Cloudflare account partway through the year, so take […]

A Valentine Reality.

Let me start this by saying I’ve been married for over a quarter of a century. My wife and I met way before we had dating sites online, and we didn’t even get the internet until 4 or 5 years after we got married. On a completely unrelated topic, the first scam email I ever […]