The path of least resistance.

Way back in the 1980s, I did my electronics O’level exam among others. It’s a subject I’ve always loved for most of my approaching 50 years on this planet, and the reason I would rather tear down a server than install a website on it. One of the basics we were taught way back then is that electrons will always follow the path of least resistance. Simply put, electricity will always flow in the easiest route from A to B. Imagine it like water trying to flow from high to low round. Of course, we have to make a comparison with scammers to justify this post. Simply put, a scammer will always use the simplest method to make money. Despite the scams being 14+ years old, the same methods are used. Why? Because they work and they’re easy. Want to get money from a young male? Sex is the answer. A female who isn’t into the “lovey dovey” stuff? Hit them with a fictional child. Greed? Offer them millions. Pure and trusting? Throw them a sob story as part of a charity scam. Very, very rarely are there new scams. 99 out of 100 times it’s simply the same old scam we’ve seen before, polished and presented as something new. Scammers are lazy and complacent in most instances. If they think a script from 10 years ago will work, then they’ll use that script. It’s all about, to quote John Wetton from way back in 1973, “Easy Money”.