Is Action Fraud fit for purpose anymore?

After even more media reports about Action Fraud recently, I genuinely have to question its future. No doubt people will continue pointing people there as that’s the status quo. Have they done irreparable damage to themself though? After reading all the articles about how the staff there act, how many people will be put off from reporting their crime? They can claim to have sacked or “retrained” the people in question, but this was the very large tip of the very large iceberg when it comes to them. For a long time now there have been reports about how unhappy people were with how Action Fraud reacted (or didn’t react) when they were contacted after the person was scammed. Bad publicity isn’t a new thing with them, and there are plenty of stories talking about how Action Fraud did nothing after a report. Let’s ask ourselves though, can it be replaced? Should it be replaced? If it is replaced, then with what? In my opinion, Action Fraud isn’t likely to be going anywhere, but will limp along continuing to do a job people aren’t happy with, but with no other realistic alternatives to take their place. Most of the people out there working to fight scammers don’t have the finances, backing or support they do. It’s a shame, a real shame. People are being let down badly on a daily basis, and it’s unlikely to change.