Gee, what a shock!

Doing a little searching today, I stumbled on this story:

I can remember 7 years ago sitting in the BBC Radio studio in Swansea, doing interview after interview on various regional stations for several hours about this story. This was before any law enforcement agency had bothered to do anything about it, and most we were still having to educate police officers on how the scam worked before they went on TV. Yes, it really was that bad back then. One program had to show the police officer who was about to appear on the show as an “expert” some videos I’d made showing how the scammers faked the webcam footage as he still believed the scams were being done by real females showing their actual webcam footage to the victims. 7 years later, they’ve made a bunch of media friendly reports – often using information lifted directly from here without our permission – but are still doing nothing to actually help people in the midst of this scam. Unless there’s a media opportunity to be had, things will stay the same, and I can honestly say I’m not at all surprised. As the family of Daniel Perry are “not holding breath”, we’re doing exactly the same about law enforcement actually doing something meaningful about this scam. It’s a tragedy, and one that’s going to happen time and time again with nothing ever changing.