Financial domination.

We’ve spoken in earlier blog posts about what we will and won’t post on our forums. There’s another one that we haven’t mentioned yet, and this one is related to sextortion scams. There are people out there that make a living as dominatrixes. It’s a sub culture I personally have no interest in, nor any judgment about, similar to cam girls. I’ve actually had conversations with former Pinay scammers I dealt with, who switched to becoming cam girls and contacted me to let me know. This is how I see it. You agree to a contract with the person, and so long as both sides give/get what they agreed, then we can’t call it a scam. If, hypothetically, I paid a female $50 to strip naked on webcam for me and she strips naked on webcam for me, then both parties have followed through with their side of the deal. I’m not a lawyer, nor am I law enforcement. In the same vein, if someone agrees to be a financial domme and the other a financial sub, if both parties do what they agreed to, who am I to judge? I have enough to deal with as it is with the scams we receive every day. Again, this is just my opinion. If someone writes to us and says “Mistress Melania” (a name I made up purely for the alliteration value) has taken money from them, there’s nothing we can do. They both agreed to play their parts at the beginning, and they both did. If it’s a fake findomme, then yes that’s another story. However, if there was no hiding the fact that’s the agreement the person was entering into, we won’t post the details up on our forum. It’s a variation of “ignorance of the law is no excuse” would be the best way to describe our stance on it. More power (or “domme”) to those who make a living that way.