Baity McBaitface.

Most of what you see on the site is the serious side of what we do, but it’s nice from time to time to remember that some of us came into this from a different direction, and that’s the world of baiting. The oldest friendship here is Slappy and I, and that came about due to his seeing my absolute twisted side during a scammer call I’d set up for an internet radio show. I won’t go into too much detail, but it involved a romance scammer who was using a nonexistent orphanage as part of his scam being totally ridiculed and embarrassed during a series of calls set up by me for an internet radio show. Imagine being so taken by how sadistic someone was to a scammer, that you absolutely HAD to get to know them better. Since then, all four of us have made scammer calls together. Often it’s a way to blow off steam after a hard week of dealing with people who have lost everything to the scammers. We can’t go to a pub and have a few drinks, so we call scammers and mess with their heads. The baiting world is one where up is down, left is right, anyone can (and probably will at some point) be my wife, and scammers are there to be made to look foolish. Not all scammers of course, just the low hanging fruit in the scammer world. The reason you see calls with stupid scammers is that it’s the stupid ones we target. The smart ones aren’t going to fall for our stories and ridiculous scenarios, and we’re not going to risk alerting them to our presence by trying it with them. Let’s look at a few of the stupid ones though, and the things we did to them throughout the years.

“Robert Carbuccia” was the absolute worst of the bunch. What he lacked in smarts, he more than made up for in determination though. He’s about the only one we out and out told we were screwing with him, and we did so pretty much at the end of every call we ever made to him over the course of several years. At one point he mistook my very obviously Welsh accent for a German one and thought I was someone who’d sent money to him. We managed to get him to give us the email address of the person who’d sent us money and we managed to contact them to make sure they were aware they were dealing with a scammer. Carbuccia once changed his name to “Harley Davidson” and had a night of us calling him up making stupid motorcycle noises down the phone. These kind of calls are designed to get the scammer to turn off their phone for the night in frustration, so any potential victim wouldnm’t be able to get through to them, and would hopefully have the extra time to realise they were talking to a scammer and cut off contact.

“Tony Eze” spent an entire call telling me I would die, so we made a soundboard out of his threats, and called him back up using it. He spent time arguing with himself, confused as to why this unknown person would be telling him he would die.

One scammer pretending to be Lamidi Sanusi was called up and treated to a rant about a broken washing machine after we “mistakenly” thought he was part of the Zanussi company.

“Scoot” pretended to run an orphanage, and got the full treatment. Let’s just say you’ll never look at a banana the same way again.

“Pizza” calls involve us pretending to have called a wrong number and demanding a pizza. They’ve ended with scammers singing songs to a poor starving child waiting for her pizza to arrive, to having to deal with a profanity filled rant that included an F bomb approximately every 5 seconds.

Scammers have listened to us fight, flirt and fuck during our calls to them, unaware we were actually in completely different parts of the country to each other.

We’ve had scammers tell fully grown baiters pretending to be children bedtime stories and prayed with them, then tried to pretend to be their own daughter by using a terrible falsetto voice which was received with nothing but laughter.

At least one scammer was convinced his email had resulted in someone killing his wife while on the phone to him, to very different results. It’s the only time we’ve heard a scammer sound genuinely scared.

Another completely lost it when Firefly spoke to him as a “spiritual healer”, giving us over 90 minutes of insane, ranting calls from him threatening everything from “The blood of Jesus” to “Holy Ghost fire”!

Scammers have sung everything from “African Queen” to “Happy Birthday” to “Summer Holiday” to “The Gamma Goochee” to the worst ever rendition of “I Believe I Can Fly” you could imagine.

Scammers have sung to my cat, have tried to persuade me not to turn up at their daughter’s wedding wielding sex toys, have agreed to a 3some with me and their wife, have called me “A drunkard and a drug addict”, prayed for a missing hamster and been called a bastard for choosing the wrong celebrity to present a fake check for a made up award.

We’ve offered to buy a scammer’s brain, made them marry us, convinced them we’d given their breakfast away to someone of a religion opposite to their own, got them to call sex lines, got them to call NASA, had them wear underwear on their head and basically made them believe in the completely crazy realities we created just for them.

This is the other side of the coin to what you see on our forum, but we still make sure to post up every scam we receive to warn others. We may not be fooled by them and may be able to use their own tricks and methods against them, but not everyone is as scam savvy as us. We have our fun, but we also do all we can to help keep people safe and aware of how the scammers work so they don’t lose any money to them. If you like the funny side, be sure to also get those scammer details posted. Sure, messing with a scammer can work for 20 minutes during a call, but the real damage is done by exposing him and the scripts he uses to the world. It’s not as fun, but it’s a hell of a lot more harmful to him and his bottom line and that’s where you really hurt him.