What a year that was!

2020 was – interesting to say the least. The two main things we’ll remember from it are the COVID-19 pandemic and the American election. Of course, as with any event, scammers were all over it and adding it to their formats. We even had one scammer who appeared to be writing his formats based on things like Donald Trump’s COVID diagnosis and stay in hospital. Other scammers created sites that claimed to be selling face masks, PPE etc. but in reality had nothing to sell and just took money off their victims. A lot of our time this year was taken up dealing with those fake sites.

Numberwise, we did well. The figures are slightly skewed due to our switching to Cloudflare and not having accurate numbers for a few months the end of 2019, beginning of 2020 due to the stats not being set right. However, we can say that it looks like our numbers were up about 20% on the year before.

I say this every year, but the fact we manage this with nothing more than a group of 4 volunteers is nothing short of amazing. I hit my 15th anniversary in the antiscam world in December, and I can honestly say I have never in all that time worked with a better group of people than the ones you find on ScamSurvivors today.

Here’s wishing you all a safe, and scam free 2021. We’ll continue doing all we can to try and help keep you safe and keep getting the word out about the scammers and the new tactics they use.