Will we be at the UK Dating Awards this month?

Um, no.  We were asked to nominate ourselves, but then I read that to do so would cost us over £30.  £30 to us is about 10 days’ hosting fees.  We run on a very small budget that comes from ads and member donations.  In fact, if they don’t cover the fees, then the difference comes out of my own pocket.  We’re not a company, but a small group of volunteers that give our time freely to help people.  Can I justify spending that kind of money from our coffers on the off chance that we’ll be shortlisted?  Of course not.  Add to that the £85 for a ticket to attend the awards, a train ticket to get there and having to book a hotel for the night and you’re talking over 3 months’ worth of money we could have used to keep the site going.  For big companies it’s chump change.  The price of a meeting with a client.  I know what I’d rather spend the money on.  So good luck to those who will be there, but you won’t see ScamSurvivors represented.  We decided to say no, spend the money on keeping our site running and helping those who have been scammed instead.  But thanks for the invitation to nominate ourselves.