New site logo.

So today we put up a new site logo.  It’s similar to the old one, but also completely different.  “Why the change?” I hear you say.  Simple.  Size matters.  Our old logo looked great on PC screens, but shrink it down for a tablet or mobile phone and it was kind of hard to read.  We’ve stretched out the wording, so the site’s name is much more legible on those hand held devices.  The font, effects and background (what I refer to as the “lozenge”) are still all there, but now the name goes across the entire length.  We haven’t forgotten our slogan, “No longer a victim.  No longer alone.”.  It’s still there, still an integral part of our site philosophy, but now moved to below the logo.  It’s also easier to read now.  Hope you like it.  Odds are it’ll be tweaked over the next few days in order to get it “just so”.