“I may have made him a bear trap, but I didn’t know he’d trap bears with it.”

The title of this thread is of course tongue in cheek, but it does show a growing trend we’re experiencing. Lately we’ve had a large number of people contacting us claiming to have been wrongfully called scammers. We refer to them as “faker makers” as they’re the people who make the fake sites/ID/documents etc. for the scammers. Their typical excuse is “I didn’t know I was making a site for a scammer”, but that doesn’t really hold water when you look at some of the site names created and see how blatantly they’re trying to pretend to be genuine organisations. Shall we look at a few examples?


Homeland Security

United Nations

Bank Of England

Barclays Bank


The list goes on and on. Now, can you really tell me that those people weren’t aware that the sites they were making were for fraudulent use? Yet they still come to us protesting their innocence.

If you want to read some of the emails we’ve received, you can find them HERE.