A few years I was asked to do an interview for the BBC while I was in London. Other than barely making it there on time, it all went smoothly and I was always very pleased with the result. This week I was asked if I would do another interview, and of course said yes. This time it would be over Skype. I was asked if I could record my side of the call for the show. We did a test recording and then did the interview. It was only after we finished that I realised I hadn’t turned the software back on to record. I felt like an idiot, but thankfully we were able to do it again, this time with the recording software on! We whizzed through it the second time due to already knowing what subjects we wanted to talk about. It sould be out some time next month. I will say this in my defence – I’m not the only one who’s made a mistake like that. During a recent interview I was asked if the audio sounded good from their end. It turned out that during an earlier interview with someone far more interesting than me, they’d had their mic settings pointing to ther wrong mic and had to spend ages tweaking the audio as much as possible in post production to get the best results they could under the circumstances. So it could happen to the best of us, and to me too.