Who are we?

So let me introduce you to the core group of volunteers who run this site.  Firstly, my name is Wayne and this is my site.  I joined the antiscam community in December of 2005 as a baiter after stumbling into it purely by accident.  Since then I’ve switched my focus from messing with the scammers for fun to helping those who were scammed.  Second (or first, depending on who you talk to) in command is Firefly, a former romance victim who has the most amazing researching skills I’ve ever seen.  She can outGoogle Google.  Slaphappy and I met when I was asked to sit in for Dan Cottrell on his (now defunct) weekly blogtalkradio show, and we’ve formed a friendship that’s lasted over 7 years to date.  Slappy is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met when it comes to helping scam victims.  Big Al is an expert at getting scammer bank accounts closed, and specialises in Senegal scammers.  I believe he’s reported almost 1000 scammer acount since the start of the year.    He likes to refer to the bank accounts as “piggies”.  Completing the group is new boy Newlight.  NL found us after being the victim of a blackmail scam, and now does a lot of the “behind the scenes” work on the forum.  He’s proof that being caught in a blackmail scam is not the end of the world, and can be turned into something good.