What price fun?

I’ll admit I tend not to think too much before doing things. I have done 100 mile round trips to buy a £3 DVD, or spent an entire day and way too much money for something purely “because it’s funny”. At the end of the day, I’m an almost 50 year old who still gets to behave like a 16 year old, only with bigger means and more horsepower. Where does that put me when it comes to buying something just to prove a point? Let me explain here:

In a recent blog post, I pointed out that having HTTPS before a site’s name doesnt make it secure, it just means the link between you and the site is secure. Anything after that is purely down to how honest the site is, and you can still be robbed blind using the information you shared. Jeff (Big Al) made a point to show this to his employer after they claimed that “HTTPS is safe”. Now, to prove my point even more, I bought another domain and made it HTTPS without putting any content on it at all. If we were an actual business rather than a group of volunteers I could claim this as a business expense now I’ve talked about it here. We’re not though, and it came out of my own pocket. In my eyes it was worth it as it made a humorous point and didn’t really cost too much in the grand scheme of things. At what point however does it go from “lighthearted fun to prove a point” to “HOW MUCH????” £1? £10? £100? Do you see it in terms of cups of coffee? Pints of beer? Is “three pints of beer” too much to pay for a “one and done” joke? Have any of you reading this spent good money purely to prove a point to someone else? I’m genuinely interested in how far people have gone so they can say “I told you so” to someone else when it comes to cybersecurity. Let me know your opinions on this, I really do want to know.