Some notes about the wrong things blackmail victims do.

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Chasing blackmailers on chat sites and messing with them is the wrong thing to do for many reasons.
1. It exposes a recent victim to more trouble, if they do it. And the person doing it can hurt a recent poster or unknown victim.
2. It educates the scammers to be better at their scam.
3. It stirs up scammers and makes them change their profiles, hurting present and future victims.
It ruins the work of the victims and staff here to warn victims by making the scammers aware that their details might be posted.
4. They cannot be traced to exact location, as they use internet cafes and mobile phones to scam, and use all fake details. They use Western Union which is untraceable. Arrests are impossible unless you are sitting in the cafe next to them as the scam occurs, which you can forget about ever happening. Police may have ways that you do not, so keep away from scammer accounts!
5. It can disrupt any behind-the-scenes police or banking investigations of the scammer and his associates, making the collection of evidence and arrests more difficult.

There is no real way to mess with them to hurt them without endangering victims more in the effort. We ask you to think about the survivors here, the victims that the scammers have on the hook presently, and future victims of the scammer. Read this post also: Closing scammer accounts and profiles is wrong too, except for YouTube, Google+, or other video sites.