After posting up about some of the memories from the past thirteen years, a bunch more have come to me, so here’s some more:

Having a scammer rant about “The blood of Jesus” and “Holy Ghost fire” for 90 minutes on the phone because he didn’t like Firefly’s accent.

Sipping on a freshly opened coconut in Mexico.

Persuading a scammer to spend another night in another part of the country in order to meet someone who was never there.

Having people call me at 3am expecting help, despite clear warnings not to do so.

Finding out a scammer I’d baited had given my details to another scammer, then watching them running away from the next cubicle where they were working when they got the webcam pointed at them.

“Panti Claus”.

Speaking to someone days before they were being sentenced for being a money mule for scammers, even though they’d already been to prison once for doing it.

Being threatened by a company for having a post with their name as part of a scam format on our forum, posting their name almost 50 times in the thread and ending up with an apology from them.

The absolute feeling of dread when finding out someone had taken their own life after being victimized by a scammer we’d posted the details of just a few days before.

Being asked to help someone close down a blog a scammer had made using webcam footage of her from when she was 14 years old that she had no idea existed for 8 years.

Listening to a scammer have an argument with a soundboard of himself from a few weeks ago.

The very first romance scammer I spoke to, and the vow to never deal with another one due to feeling utterly grossed out by it.

The very next romance scammer I spoke to, after deciding to gross the scammers out 10x more than I felt that first night, leading to 6 years of specializing in baiting romance scammers.

Receiving handwritten letters and photographs from a particularly innovative Russian scammer as a way to make it look genuine.

EXIF data revealing the real identity of a scammer that had posed for a photo, then Photoshopped a different face over his own.

Being told by someone I’d helped earlier that he had managed to stop his son losing hundreds of dollars with seconds to spare after using the information he’d learned to spot that he was being scammed.

Pretending to be NASA.

The crazy call that involved a scammer pretending to be the Pope praying for a talking hamster (played by Slaphappy), while we popped his limbs back onto his body after he was torn apart by a dog (played by a dog, who was the only one of us not lying about his identity).

Having to call the police after a victim threatened to bomb a mall.

Sitting in with a victim as she gave a statement to the police, and watching their reaction.

The numerous songs we persuaded scammers to sing, including some really stupid ones.

Seeing myself on TV for the first time.

I think that more than covers it now.  There’s still likely other stories I could tell, but time to move on from this subject.