Just when you think they can’t get any lower, guess what happens.

A recent blog post talked about how low a scammer will go to get money from someone. If I’d made that post today, this would be added to it. Let me explain….

We have a form that people fill in when they’ve dealt with a sextortion scammer. It’s how we get the information to post on our site. Yesterday we received one that was pretty gruesome. There’s no actual sextortion involved in the typical sense. This time it seems that a “female” offered her services on a site and was turned down. The next part of the scam involves the “pimp” character contacting the person claiming they “make her loss time”, and this is where it goes way too far. The next part says “if you don’t pay you and your family will be executed one by one since we have all the information of each one of them do not try to block me or turn off the phone because I have all your information including those of your relatives”. That’s bad enough, but they then include images of dead people. To be more exact, people who had been murdered, including one of a male with gunshot wounds and a gun by his side, and one of a young female who’d had her arms, legs and head cut off. That last one is an image that’s never going to leave me for as long as I live.

When we say that there’s no low a scammer won’t go to, we really do mean it. The next time someone tries to justify scamming people or seeing scammers as anything but scum who will do anything to get money off a person, imagine that person reading their messages and not only being threatened with execution, but being sent sick, disturbing images like the ones I’ve described earlier.