How to delete a private video from YouTube.

One thing a blackmail scammer will do is upload the video to YouTube, show it to you and then make it private.  Public videos are easy to remove, and are usually gone within 10 minutes of a report being made.  Private videos can be removed, but the process is much longer.  Here’s how it’s done, taken from


Hi everyone!

Last weekend the unthinkable happened to me – I was scammed on Chatroulette which followed onto Skype. I was recorded on webcam nude without my knowledge which was uploaded onto a porn website and YouTube. I was threatened and blackmailed if I didn’t do what the scammer asked (send money), they would send the list to all my of face book friends/family. Fortunately, I managed to get the video from the porn site off almost immediately because it was public by just clicking on the “report” button. However, the video on YouTube wouldn’t delete because there was no “flag” option to report the video as inappropriate (this is because it was set as PRIVATE on YouTube by the scammer). I was nervous that this private link would be sent to all my face book friends still. I know that this was very unlikely, but it is still in the back of your head and won’t go away.

Is this you? Do you want to know how to delete private YouTube videos uploaded by other users that was first thought as of impossible? Read on.

Step 1: Follow this link (Other Legal Issues) – … &ctx=topic

Step 2: Click the blue “Continue Button” another page will come up. Click “Continue” again.

Step 3: A page will come up listing topics on blue. See below:
Other Legal Issue (including Circumvention of Technological Measures)

Step 4: A legal form will be brought up. Fill out every single detail ACCURATELY with your real name in full. Have the private YouTube link ready that the blackmailer sent you and copy and paste it into the legal form where it says Video URL(s).

Step 5: This part is essentially important when filling out the rest of the form. Read carefully…
– In the section of the form where it says: Please cite the specific law that the content is allegedly violating, or the area of the law from which you believe your claim arises:
TYPE IN: Blackmail
– Please provide a hyperlink to the specific law: In this section Google “blackmail law”. Find a legal site that states what blackmail is in relation to your country. E.g. … chapter-41
– Please describe how content in question is allegedly violating this law: This is where you go into detail what happened. Tell YouTube you were blackmailed, threatened, how it’s affecting you, your family, how the video is inappropriate for content on youtube (nudity) and how you can’t “flag” the video because the user/blackmailer set the video as PRIVATE (IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT YOU MENTION THIS OTHERWISE THEY WILL SEND YOU AN AUTOMATIC EMAIL TELLING YOU TO CLICK ON THE “FLAG” BUTTON). Also politely ask you would appreciate a personal response, not an automatic email.– Finish the rest of the form and click Submit.

Step 6: Wait patiently, breathe. Make sure you have completed ALL the steps in this topic on this forum:viewtopic.php?f=20&t=580
It took about 5 days for me to get a response from YouTube. They personally replied to me, apologised and removed the video completely. They reassured me that the video will know longer be available on YouTube and that it may take up to a couple of days for any thumbnail pictures to be completely removed from searches. You might even get a thank you from them…like I did. Not only did they delete my video which was set on private, but 25 other videos of other men like me who were scammed/blackmailed.

I really hope this guide helps other people who were scammed, and like me thought deleting private YouTube videos was impossible. You now know that it is possible!!! Goodluck!!!! Just make sure you learn your lesson. I can tell you, I certainly have!!! :oops: :D

Thank you to this website/forum and all the users and moderators who helped me through this difficult time. It is very much appreciated. Without you all, I wouldn’t have survived! I’m a survivor YAY 8-)