Corner Gas – there’s something good going on.

In an update to the post HERE, I immediately wrote to the company to say the DVDs were fake and a day later had a reply feigning shock and claiming nothing like this had ever happened before. This despite the fact most of their reviews say the same thing. I showed them photographic proof and was sent an apology and an offer to have half my money refunded if I kept them. Definitely not happening, so they then said they’d refund the whole amount and I needn’t send it back. In the meantime I’d ordered a proper copy from the USA. Once that arrives I’ll make a video showing in more detail how it was so easy to spot I’d been sent a fake and then compare how it’s supposed to look side by side. The refund has been done, but it still takes a few days for Paypal to put the money back into my account. Once it does, I may just order a “Jackass!” t-shirt.