Here at Scamsurvivors, we often call, text, or E-mail victims and potential victims of scams to warn them they are being targeted by scammers. One of the calls paid off in a huge way a few years ago. I called and warned a victim and asked if they would send me the scammer’s E-mail’s that they received. Luckily, I contacted this victim before they had sent money to the scammer. The Survivor sent me E-mails from the scammer one of which contained a website E-mail address. This website address led to over 20 more websites. Another victim of a loan scam led us to another 186 fake websites. It turned out that all of those websites were created by the same person. At present, that Website maker is responsible for 8 pages of reported scam websites on Scamsurvivors. Here is a link to that group:
Just one case where the information from victims has helped many others from becoming scam victims.