Faking someone’s email address is hard, right? Right?

One of the tricks scammers use to make themselves appear more legitimate is a fake, or “spoofed” email address. A while back I demonstrated a spoofed phone number being used by calling myself up with the number of the White House. This time around I’ll show an example of an email address and the corresponding name being sent with nothing but three images. The first is the software needed, the second how it appears in an inbox and the third is how it looks when opened. I’ve used obviously faked details here, but any name and address can be used. I could have made it look like the Dalai Lama had written to me if I’d wanted to simply by changing the details.

Just a few short years ago, I wasn’t completely gray.

Oh, but those were simpler times. They were times of butterflies, roses and people not asking questions that were already answered. It was that sweet spot just after I finished answering every “what if….” question people could ask about sextortion. So what happened? People decided not to read what I’d spent hours upon hours writing, but instead just ask questions that were already covered. You want an example, right? Sure you do. Here’s one from today that came to me in our feedback form:

Do you have any comments about our steps?: Wondering if Facebook messenger applies to not being used as it is my main form of communication

Those steps I wrote clearly already cover this. Don’t believe me?

8. Skype, Facebook and any other accounts you have online need to be deactivated for AT LEAST TWO WEEKS.  Double this time if you paid money or your scammer is from West Africa.  Double it again if both are true.  Paying counts whether you canceled it or not.  These are the MINIMUM times needed.  The longer you leave them deactivated, the better.

See, I told you. Even if you ignore “Skype, Facebook”, you have “and any other accounts you have online”. That HAS to cover it, right? ANY OTHER ACCOUNTS covers everything, right? Right? Apparently not. And that’s why I can look back at photos of me just 5 years ago and see just how much grayer I’ve become these past few years.