Bright Stanford gets quizzed.

Bright Stanford, claiming to be the International Account Servicing Officer, Barclays Bank PLC London gets quizzed by The Lovely Jill and @ScamSurvivors Does he know what 2+2 is? How much history does he know? Is he any good at animal noises? Will he win the “wheel of cheese”? Find out in this call. If you […]

Cutting the cord.

In order to achieve this , the Company through their New Management has Introduced a “NEW” and very “EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE” Financial Service Provision that is Devoid of any ‘Hassles, Hitch or Hindrance’. This Service is Termed “Cash withdrawals from An ATM Machine without the Use of ATM /DEBIT Cards (CARDLESS)”. Lastly Sir , if […]

Hans has a fort?

This is to inform you that the Nigeria Government last week confirm that every unpaid fund should be Hans fort effect the payment of your scammed victim compensation funds Full email at