Gee, I haven’t heard from Robert Carbuccio since yesterday. Must be time for another ranting email.

Attn, sir . i am Robert Carbuccia Fedex new york office. phone: + 1-917-775-7916 phone:  +1-516-777-0994.  mobile. you can call me in new york today. email me : Email: we  are  not  in  position  to  appael for  your  again  to  deliver  atm card  either  we  deliver  back  your  atm  card  as  we  […]

Will it ever end? More Robert Carbucci nonsense.

What makes this so stupid is that I don’t even have to write anything to get this daily soap opera. FEDEX OFFICE YOUR ATM CARD ALREADY SOLVE X-Originating-IP: [] I AM KELVIN SMITH FEDEX OFFICER. PHONE: 234-803-482-6233. LET  ME  ASK YOU WHY SHOULD  YOU  BECAUSE  OF  LITTLE  LAST  FEE  YOU ALLOW  YOUR  HUGE  […]

The never ending story – Robert Carbuccia edition.

Yep, still more regarding “Robert Carbuccia”.  Will this saga never end? ZENITH BANK LONDON PLC ABOUT YOUR ATM CARD IS READY NOW Reply-To: I am Davis Williams Zenith Bank Plc London. Email: > email me here only. phone: + 44- 770-007-7331. phone: +44-7035959142 . you can call me in London today. […]

So much wrong with this one.

Let’s start with the name. Patrick Kenturkey And his description. About me…..I am seeking a male soul mate..NOT into women. I’m a modern man and have no problems with that.  However….. Am looking forward to meet someone that caring,lovely,honest,trustworthy, sexy,romantic,with a great sense of humor A Woman that as goals and Dreams,A Woman that will […]