The Stupid Scammer Calls – Dr. Ducky smokesa da ganga/Ibrahim’s daughter.

We call these ones “Dr. Ducky smokesa da ganga” and “Ibrahim’s daughter”.  The first scammer was called “Dr. Doodooganga”, so Slaphappy and I of course had to focus on his name!  Ibrahim was a particularly stupid scammer who had spoken to who he thought was my daughter earlier on, but was in fact another baiter […]

The Stupid Scammer Calls – “Domo arigato Mr. Robertto” and “He wants to wear my knickers”.

We have 2 short calls this time, the first is called “Domo arigato Mr. Robertto” and the second “He wants to wear my knickers”. Having been a fan of 70s and 80s American rock since my teens, the moment a lad sent me an email calling himself “Mr. Robertto”, I absolutely had to call him […]

The Stupid Scammer Calls – George Washington wants him dead/Gone phishing.

Thanks go to Big Al for the call, we’re naming “George Washington wants him dead”.  George Washington has received an email that says he’s dead, and he wants revenge.  Before that though, we have a song by Dean Friedman called “Gone Phishing” that’s all about scam emails, and used to start off all our podcasts. […]