The Stupid Scammer Calls – The stupidest scammer on the planet.

Let me tell you a story.  There was once a scammer who called himself Robert Carbuccia, David Renholtz and even Harley Davidson at one point.  He was the stupidest scammer on the planet, whose stupidity was only matched by his stubborness.  He would send out his script almost every day for years, often several times a day.  No matter what you did to him, no matter what you said to him, he kept on sending out those emails.  This scammer was my nemesis, my archenemy, the only scammer who ever drove me to distraction.  He was also the scammer whose details we gave to anyone who wanted to learn how to call up a scammer, precisely because of all this.  What follows are 20 odd minutes from what were years and years of calls that should show you exactly why he was called the stupidest scammer on the planet.