This is a perfect scammer self own.

THIS was at the beginning of an email I received today, before the actual format:

Spam detection software, running on the system “XXXXXX”, has
identified this incoming email as possible spam. The original message
has been attached to this so you can view it (if it isn’t spam) or label
similar future email. If you have any questions, see
@@CONTACT_ADDRESS@@ for details.

Content preview: From International Monetary Fund, 1900 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC, 20431 Finance Department Director : Andrew Tweedie Dear Beneficiary,
Please be informed that we have concluded arrangement to effect your payment
Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars into your bank account
through our paying bank ( Texas Capital Bank). […]

Content analysis details: (47.7 points, 5.0 required)

pts rule name description
—- ———————- ————————————————–
2.4 DNS_FROM_AHBL_RHSBL RBL: Envelope sender listed in
0.6 FSL_CTYPE_WIN1251 Content-Type only seen in 419 spam
0.3 FSL_XM_419 Old OE version in X-Mailer only seen in 419 spam
2.0 NSL_RCVD_FROM_USER Received from User
0.0 FREEMAIL_FROM Sender email is commonly abused enduser mail provider
1.0 SPF_SOFTFAIL SPF: sender does not match SPF record (softfail)
1.6 SUBJ_ALL_CAPS Subject is all capitals
0.1 FREEMAIL_ENVFROM_END_DIGIT Envelope-from freemail username ends in
digit (onlineoffice9865497[at]
1.2 MISSING_HEADERS Missing To: header
2.5 MILLION_USD BODY: Talks about millions of dollars
1.8 DEAR_BENEFICIARY BODY: Dear Beneficiary:
0.1 MISSING_MID Missing Message-Id: header
0.0 LOTS_OF_MONEY Huge… sums of money
0.5 FROM_MISSP_MSFT From misspaced + supposed Microsoft tool
2.3 FROM_MISSP_NO_TO From misspaced, To missing
0.0 HELO_NO_DOMAIN Relay reports its domain incorrectly
1.2 FROM_MISSP_USER From misspaced, from “User”
3.0 FROM_MISSPACED From: missing whitespace
0.0 MONEY_FROM_MISSP Lots of money and misspaced From
2.8 FREEMAIL_REPLYTO Reply-To/From or Reply-To/body contain different
0.7 FROM_MISSP_REPLYTO From misspaced, has Reply-To
1.0 TO_NO_BRKTS_FROM_MSSP Multiple formatting errors
2.8 FROM_MISSP_EH_MATCH From misspaced, matches envelope
0.3 FROM_MISSP_URI From misspaced, has URI
0.2 TO_NO_BRKTS_MSFT To: misformatted and supposed Microsoft tool
1.0 ADVANCE_FEE_4_NEW Appears to be advance fee fraud (Nigerian 419)
1.5 ADVANCE_FEE_5_NEW Appears to be advance fee fraud (Nigerian 419)
0.8 FROM_MISSP_FREEMAIL From misspaced + freemail provider
2.8 FORGED_MUA_OUTLOOK Forged mail pretending to be from MS Outlook
3.1 DOS_OE_TO_MX Delivered direct to MX with OE headers
1.4 ADVANCE_FEE_3_NEW Appears to be advance fee fraud (Nigerian 419)
0.0 ADVANCE_FEE_4_NEW_MONEY Advance Fee fraud and lots of money
0.0 ADVANCE_FEE_5_NEW_MONEY Advance Fee fraud and lots of money
1.0 ADVANCE_FEE_3_NEW_MONEY Advance Fee fraud and lots of money
0.6 ADVANCE_FEE_2_NEW_MONEY Advance Fee fraud and lots of money
0.5 MONEY_FRAUD_5 Lots of money and many fraud phrases
1.2 MONEY_FRAUD_3 Lots of money and several fraud phrases
0.0 T_FILL_THIS_FORM_SHORT Fill in a short form with personal information
0.5 FORM_FRAUD_5 Fill a form and many fraud phrases
0.5 FORM_FRAUD_3 Fill a form and several fraud phrases