Tell me again about how scammers send you questionnaires to “psychoanalyze you”.

Firefly had a scammer send her one of the typical scammer “forms” to fill in.  For ages it’s annoyed me that people are claiming they do this to psychoanalyze their victim.  Here’s FF’s answers, followed by the scammer’s reply.  Now tell me if you really think he even bothered to read it.

* Do you have any hobbies? – yes, i have. I collect empty bottles.
* Do you watch TV? – nope, it is boring.
* Do you like snacks and what kind? – cobras
* Do you attend church and what’s the name? – Church of the Goddess of the Delvian Seek
* How do you start your day? – 7 coffees
* Any favorite place you visit and why? – the morgue for the peace
* What is your routine before going to bed? – aww… you´re naughty, aren´t you? :)
* What kind of vehicle you drive and which is your next? – one with 4 wheels called Trabant
* Kind of movies you watch? – snuff movies
* What denomination are you? – delvian
* Your physical feature you cherish most? – my big toe
* What makes you happy? – drugs
* Favorite color? – black
* what is your profession? – typist
Any education – I am a lady

Good day my dear lovely angel xxx. I just took my time to answer same questions, i love some of your answers they are very inviting and sweet, it shows me that you really had a beautiful growing up and life