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Dear sir, I have longtime negotiation and understanding with the chief executive director of First Caribbean Bank, Cayman Island, the outcome of my meeting with him went successful,because i apply for the opening of the business account under your name as the beneficiary of the fund ($1,164,678,364.55 (One Billion, One Hundred and Sixty Four Million Six Hundred And Seventy Eight Thousand, Three Hundred and Sixty Four United States Dollars Fifty Five Cents) and longtime ago this opening of account for you was successful,Your Fund which is currently in the escrow account with First Caribbean Bank,Cayman Island, according to their Monetary policy, such huge amount of money is not advisable to be in escrow account for more than 365 working days, reason is because of the volume of the fund and so on, so the bank does not want to start asking you for memorandum on keeping the money into the bank escrow boards for more than 10 working days, and you must understand that what we are doing is trying to protect your fund for you and make sure the full legality of your fund is officially protected. so at the end of my discussion with the Chief Executive officer, he advice me to inform you to work together with me base on the ground that he have all the approval documents ready and this documents will be brought to your house once we are ready to fly down to your country.You are officially to send the fee for the upgrading of your personal private account and so that the bank will allow us to move your fund out from your Escrow account direct to your own personal private account with the same bank (CIBC) First Caribbean Bank, Grand Cayman Island, that alone will officially help you to start using your account immediately and they give us time to present all the relevant documents in other for the account to be operational and active, then we will move the full amount into your new original bank account with the same bank, once this is done the bank will then implore the help of two bank officers to come down with me to your country for to complete the bank connectivity which will clearing of your fund will officially be completed and the original documents will be send to your house or office with me so that we will visit you to sign some vital documents for the bank and during the cause of this, we will also deliver the Master Card and your checkbook ten booklet and finally your debit card which directly link to your account with First Caribbean Bank, Cayman Island and your electronic wire system activated pin and online instructions will also be brought to your house nor office respectively.so the only delay now is for you to send the upgrading of account fee immediately fee. Upon your successful payment of the required fee which i have informed you in my previous communique with you, i will immediately forward the payment receipt to the Banker and the bank manager will sign the payment release order and the offshore account will immediately start working and you can have full access of your account,making wire transfers out from your offshore account, using the internet banking services and with the card we are bringing for you, that will enable you to start withdrawing from any ATM machine any where in the world,official movement of your fund from escrow account, then into your new offshore account will commerce immediately, the bank will lodge into your account with them to your new account with the help of my special arrangement which made everything went successful, then after that, without taking much of your time, the two bank delegate will visit your house upon their arrival and full crosschecking of your correct address, they will then present all the relevant documents they required for you to sign and then they will present your new check book, master gold credit cards, online pin and login user name and password, with the check in your house and debit card and credit card, you can withdrawal with those important card and master gold card, checkbook from any bank of her choice,submission on behalf of myself, you are hereby advice to follow my instructions closely and make sure you wire the fee as i have officially instructed you.i need you to send me your banking coordinates, so that i will instruct the banker on completing the full upgrading and certification of your New current personal account and moving of your fund from escrow account into your new account with (CIBC) First Caribbean Bank, Grand Cayman Island, i will instruct him or her to make a wire transfer to your account in your country, please forward your banking coordinates to me immediately, we will transfer $5,000,000 dollars per day on the provided account for you.

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I am going to stop here till i hear from you.

So that’s the end of the email?  Not by a long chalk!

Please give me a call and thank me for the job well done, i am doing all this procedures simply because, i want to complete and clear this transaction for you without any-further delay.Further documentation will be forwarded to you as soon as the account is upgraded and i will send you the account details on this ground, but if you must know is not so easy to secure those required documents on your behalf but i did it because i have connections with the bank chief executive director.Please give me a call for more explanations. my private and assign contact telephone number is: + 1 212 845 9773, give me a call in case you don’t understand this very clearly. Sincerely, Mrs. Susan Moorehead Tel: + 1 212 203 0018 Tel: + 234 80 360 80 305 Please give me a call for more explanations please Read my earlier email to you: In regards to your fund lodge in CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Inland. It is my contractual obligation that I have you notified of some very essential issues which we must considered effectively for translucent transfer of the volume of this dollar account in your names, and also clearly emphasis of the basic requirements as the recipient of this said fund in you favor before the CIBC Audit Department commence action. If you will cogitate and seriously reflect lately, I have been writing about this transaction references and keeping you updated based on the necessary arrangement needed to be done by you to enabling us move motion. Therefore, I will like you to accord this message your full indulgence because I do not think I have that much time to stay here in Cayman Island all for your sakes. I have been receiving “signals of return” from World Bank Directors because I have a mandate with them to finalize this in utmost good providence on your behalf. I trust you know that I do not live here in Cayman Island. I have family like you do, but I left them all for your sakes to Cayman Island to make things work for us. So, I suppose you encourage me and follow my instructions so we can achieve success and all be happy once and for all. Categorically, The few following below points is what I would glee to address for more clarification and immediate onward crediting and release of your fund. (1) Opening of your Account with CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island : At this point in time, it is well known to you that your fund is lodged in suspense account Well Known as Escrow account in CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island.And any fund lodged in suspense account cannot be cleared without moving the fund from escrow account into the client personal account which is allready open in the same bank. That is why it is very important that you pay the fee so that we can be able to complete the movement of your fund from the escrow account then into your newly open account with CIBC First Caribbean Bank, so that your fund will be moved from suspense account to your regular account where you will have all your account details and become an account owner with the CIBC First Caribbean Bank. Right at this point you are not recognize at CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island as customer unless you facilitate your account upgrading before your name will be into the central system as account owner in CIBC. The requirement the fee is for the Upgrading of an account will still be in your account once it is Upgraded, of which you can still withdraw anytime you want. The CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island has nothing to do with your account upgrading fee with them. The money still belongs to you. Then, when your account has been facilitate and upgraded, that is when you will be recognize as the customer of CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island and you will stand to enjoy their benefits of their banking as the full customer of the bank. (2) The Upgrading of your Account with CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island : The upgrading of your account will follow immediately the movement of your fund from escrow account to your private new account in your names. This will enable the CIBC Audit Account Unit ascertains all the required pins regarding your account official procedure for easy access of your fund anywhere in the world. The major reason why the upgrading of your NEW account is very essential is because of the volume of the fund in question involved, which will be upgrading in your business account to enabling you withdraw any amount from any financial institution around the globe hitch-free. Once, this is all done and successfully achieved, that is when the CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island legal department under the order of Michael Mansoor the Chief Executive Director of CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island will commence of the next point which I would like to discuss. (3) Procurement of the International release Order documents by CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island legal Department: The is one of the most important of them all. Now, you have become the solitary beneficiary of the said fund, and the CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island has recognized you as their customer by opening of the account file and having it upgrading for transfer processes. You will be required to sign the Bank release order documents for this fund before they could release the banking withdrawal tools namely: (cheque withdrawals/deposit booklets, Master card ATM, Credit Cards and your passport etc) to you as the beneficiary. This is always mandatory issued once an account is upgraded in your names at CIBC. On a very good day, you will be required to be present in Cayman Island to do these signatories in person as the recipient of the said fund. This is the CIBC First Caribbean Bank policy and it can never be declined. But I used my veto power as the World Bank Monetary Director to resolve and attain with the Boards of Directors of CIBC, that I would rather prefer I come to meet with you in your country to submit this (18) pages of International release documents of your fund, because I know you cannot be able to make it through to Cayman Island. Then we resolve that he will assign with me 2 delegates to escort me to your country. This is how we came to this point. If not, you would have been here. (4) Signatory of the fund release documents of CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island : Finally, this will stand as an evidence that your account has been processed and ascertain all the basic requirements for withdrawal of your fund. Based on my arrival with the 2 CIBC delegates in your country, the (18) pages documents will be tendered to you for signing. Once, you carefully signed them, we shall hand in to you your cheque`s withdrawing booklets/your Master card ATM/ and your Credit Cards and all other instruments in your favor that will help you withdraw at the comfort of your home online from any bank in the world. Then, with these signing documents which you have signed in our presences, we shall return with it to CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island for final endorsement of the release of the fund by the Chief Executive Michael Mansoor . Immediately the documents have been approved and stamped-pied, the CIBC Audit Account Unit will lift your business account for working. And we SHALL ALL BE DONE WITH THIS TRANSACTION. But I want you to comprehend most importantly, that we cannot achieve this successful transaction effectively without the full upgrading of your account with CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island. Therefore, I advice you to immediately ensure that the moving of your account out from escrow account into your new account with the bank and upgrading takes place so you start enjoying your fund at the comfort of your house. We cannot achieve success with you as the beneficiary first upgrading of your account. This is section “A” of act 201 of CIBC First Caribbean Bank Cayman Island. Be rest assured that I am committed to make this work for you if you will guarantee me your earnest co-operation and appreciate my time which I have already invested for your sakes. So, first thing first, I will like you to have your account upgraded and acquired all the necessary formalities so that we can move motion. Without this facilitation of account upgraded with CIBC, I do not think we are making progress and growth on your behalf. I do not want us to delay and be talking the same thing over and over again. You have to act fast and act now I will be anticipating your positive response. Sincerely Your`s Mrs. Susan Moorehead. (Do not hesitate to call me for further explanatory details) Telephone: + 1 212 203 0018 Tel: + 234 80 360 80 305. Note: Many internet hackers are out there claiming that they are the new president of world bank trying to deceive you and take advantage of you by putting a lot of confusion in you, please be careful of those people because they are criminals and always forward all their letters to me and we will take care of them once our fraud department get to trap on them OK. Thanks for trusting in my professional work for you.