Month: March 2013

So much wrong in this one.

Remember i told you that I am from Ivory-Coast, but due to the war in my country, that cost the dead of my parents which made me to stay hear as a refuge… And please also remember that in a any good relationship ”Distance or Age ” dose not matters, what matters is how you […]

Howdy boyo

im Italian who lives in Wales Uk , I live in Swansea city. Country: United Kingdom State: Texas City: Austin Zip Code: 77077

Time for a game.

See if you can work out where the scripted crap ends and the scammer writes it themself. if i say i wasn’t fascinated & attracted by your profile, it will amount to an understatement and perhaps portends an impression that i was extremely oblivious of the irresistable paragon of beauty you possess. Succinctly put, in […]

Is it dry humus?

a down to earth man, loving, nice, caring,kind hearted,a very romantic man with great sense of humus from n. A brown or black organic substance consisting of partially or wholly decayed vegetable or animal matter that provides nutrients for plants and increases the ability of soil to retain water.