Month: October 2012

You want what?

From: loan offer2% Reply-To: Do you need a loan?Apply with name:Country:Amount:Duration phony number; {Isn’t that what scammers are supposed to give out? Fake numbers?} ūüėÄ

A little bit louder and a little bit worse.

i am Robert Carbuccia Fedex new york office. phone: +1-516-777-0994. you can call me in new york today. Email¬† me¬† :¬† call phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile. Hi¬† sir. this¬† is¬† secound¬† reminder¬† no¬† murch¬† time¬† again¬† to¬† weaste¬† please. i am¬† Robert¬† carbuccia Fedex¬† new¬† york¬† officer. bear¬† in¬† mind¬† that¬† your¬† fomer¬† bank¬† have¬† […]

A girly man.

I am looking for a single Muslim man who is either single or divorced. If you re looking for a simple and uncomplicated guy that will be able to honor you and your family and you want to live a normal happy life then I may be the person for you.

This looks strangely familiar.

See if you can guess what scammer is behind this email.¬† I’ll give you a clue.¬† The name of his other well known character started with an “R” and ended in an “obert Carbuccia”. Received: from ([]) by (Horde Framework) with HTTP; Thu, 25 Oct 2012 12:23:50 -0500 Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 […]

That’ll fool them!

You know how a passport has a watermark to prevent forgery?¬† Scammers will often put a new photo over a faked passport, but leave the background completely white making it painfully obvious it’s a fake.¬† Not this smart scammer.¬† Oh no, not this one.¬† He goes the extra mile and makes it a foolproof forgery. […]