And to think I almost felt sorry for him.

As a top government official, a conspiracy was set against my political career, recently i have serious problems with Mr President because of an allegation of missing of public funds in my administration in the office as a senator.
My properties and bank accounts in Nigeria and outside Nigeria has been frozen by Mr. President and i have been Charged to court. I don’t know if i will be jailed if found convicted, because in my country, the judiciary is very corrupt, so justice is perverted and as such one should expect the worst violation of human right and justice. But my
lawyers are doing their best so that i don’t get sentenced to Jail.

Poor guy.  Justice is blind.

Please i need your help to keep an amount of 35 million dollars that is presently in a financial institution in Ghana which nobody knows about. If you accept to invest and keep this money, we can share it based on the percentage that you want for yourself.

Meh, screw him!