Month: July 2012

The saga continues.

Rex W. Tillerson, 2 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017. website> Email: FUND RELEASE FROM ZENITH BANK LONDON TO FEDEX NEW YORK. NOTIFICATION MESSAGE FROM United NATION MONITORING UNIT. Attn: I am Rex W. Tillerson, from the United Nation. a  nough  is  a  nough  for  you  to  receive  your  atm  card  this  […]

Robert Carbuccia tries a new approach.

   i am Robert Carbuccia Fedex new york office. phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile. phone:  +1-718-713-2152. you can call me in new york today. Email  me  : call phone: +1-516-777-0994. mobile. Hi  sir. i am  Robert  carbuccia Fedex  new  york  officer. today  let  me  ask  you  a  good  question  about  your  atm  card  card  package  which  […]

Soundboard silliness.

You remember the Tony Eze soundboard we linked to a while back?  We’ve been calling other scammers using it and adding their replies.  Here’s a great one from TheDane.  It does contain adult language, so it’s not safe for work. [ca_audio url=”″ width=”500″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”]

Oh God, more Robert Carbuccia

FedEx New York ADDRESS > FedEx Kinko’s 105 Duane St New York, NY 10007  Delivery ATM payment department inheritance fund. Phone: + 1-718-713-2152  CALL  ME.. EMAIL: Dear client/customer I am Robert  Carbuccia from  FedEx New York  office. Phone: + 1-718-713-2152  call  me kindly once again provide to us your full delivery address to enable  […]