For the love of Mike, use some punctuation!

hello my sweetheart
how are u my love let me tell u something if u no that am lie to u than we can stop talking to each other because am not here to take money from u because i see that ur listing to ur friend i dont think big man like u ur waiting for ur friend to tell u what u have to do am not see this be4 if ur friend is good why he did not give u a good wife for long time why ur not ask him that because i told u everything in the world that i dont have passport because i have already told u that i dont have one now am going to do some but the id card i have some i can show it to u and i the same time i dont have bank account here what am telling u is not lie am tell u the true because am not here for games ok the way ur talking i dont get u because u have someone ur listing that why ur doing that because u cant meet someone like me ok honey ur still asking me the passport and u no that i told u everything about me honey u no that my love and the money i want u to send it to me in westen union i dont have any bank account honey try for me if u love me honey always ur friend told u this what is that mean the same friend give u woman and the woman eat all ur money still ur listing to him again what man are u i dont belive what ur saying ok honey i ask u ur phone number still u dont give it to me why tell me byee