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Post up any 419 emails you received. All persons/companies depicted in these emails are either fictitious or have had their identities copied/stolen by the scammers.

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Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination United Kingdom
City or exchange location
Original network provider* Orange

from:  hadij ibrahim <>
date:  19 August 2014 17:35
subject:  good dey

Hello brothers and sister.
Please, do not be surprised in this message. Accept my apologies if
it bothered you. However, it is my urgent need for a foreign partner that made me to contact you.
With all due respect, my name is HADJI IBRAHIM the SON of the former director of aviation in my country, the Republic of Sudan, Africa. but was killed in a political conflict. I am based in London (LIVERPOOL) for political asylum because of the allegation against my husband that he misappropriated public funds, and now the government is after me, so I had to flee . For now I can not go back until the whole situation is resolved.
I need to visit your country to see if it is possible to invest my money in the family. But I was informed by the Chambers of Commerce in partnership with the citizens of the country, so I'll find it easy to establish a company that is why I need someone I can do confidence.
I will you invest seven million five hundred thousand dollars ($ 7,500,000), and I want you to promise transparency and respect in acts of partnership contract. It will be a pleasure to give you 15% of the total funds that I will present to the investment, because of all the necessary help you make during installation.
I will appreciate if you can answer me, so we can start the project. send me your details on my private mail:
Thank you, God bless you.
Name: Mr, Hadij ibrahim.
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