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I got scammed but they were really compelling

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I got scammed but they were really compelling

Unread postby Jacobburchas » Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:42 am

a few months ago a girl by the name of grace John age 28started messaging me on Facebook she was very pretty and sweet. She said she was from Ghana the thing is [Image][[Image]Image[/Image]]the[[/Image]/Image][Image][/Image] number checked out and so did most everything else I mean hell she even sent me videos and nude pictures i trusted her I thought. About a month later she says she wants to move to Florida with me and that she has gold left over from her father and that she needed 600 dollars for shipment fees. There was even a person who messaged me telling me where the package was. Then he text me and says that the funds were not enough and he was stuck in Dubai. Then he was sent back to Ghana with the gold. She then text me seeming very upset that it didn’t go through. Then she says she fired the man and now wants to send it through postal services which would be “cheaper” per bar. Then she ask for another 300 dollars which I gave her sadly. After that she says that it didn’t work either and that she wants to come down and see me first and then get the gold shopped when we were together then she ask for another 1055 dollars. I declined. Y’all are probably thinking wow this guys really gullible but I’ll have you know that she also sent me pictures of the gold. Of course I decided to reverse image search her and the gold and guess what she’s fake. It actually hurts me the modest that I developed a relationship for 3 months just to realize that she wasn’t even real and this other girl was living her life probably with a boyfriend. And I wasted my time and money on this pathetic waste of life. I’m just asking everyone else to beware if it sounds too good to be true it’s simply probably not. I learned my lesson and at least I only lost under a 1000 dollars. Some people lose more and it’s sad. But I can’t really say it’s their fault because these scammers are getting smart. Let’s just say I’m going through a rough time.
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Re: I got scammed but they were really compelling

Unread postby firefly » Thu Jul 18, 2019 3:23 pm

The scammer story sounds similar with other cases posted here. All the characters you were communicating with are fake - it might be even the same scammer pretending to be all those people.

Can you please try to post some of the messages received together with the pictures / documents and any other relevant details? If you don't know how to post, you can forward those messages to me (you can find my email address below).

You have here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=26504 few steps you need to apply for your own protection after being targeted by a scammer.
Help yourself by helping others - report your scammer here.
Google can be your best friend;use it if you have doubts about someone met online. If someone met online only asks for money, no matter what reason, it´s 100% scam.
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