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Post up any 419 emails you received. All persons/companies depicted in these emails are either fictitious or have had their identities copied/stolen by the scammers.

Unread postby Wayne » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:32 pm

Thank you for banking with us.

Federal Reserve Bank Of New York <>

24 Jun at 02:56

Head Office
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045
Tel: + 12082770492

Dear: Esteem Customer

It has come to our notice that you have been defrauded of your hard earned money by fraudsters from Africa and the rest of the world. During the last Anti-Fraud meeting held in Washington DC, we were alarmed along with the rest of the world at The loss of funds from various foreigners to scam artists operating all over the world today. After the meeting, we have decided to redeem the good image of some African countries, so an immediate payment of $ 10,500,000.00USD (Ten Nine Million, Five Hundred Thousand United), The States will be made by UNITED STATES FEDERAL RESERVE as the authorized and corresponding paying bank under the assistance of the World Bank.

As some of the beneficiaries have been paid most of them are from United States. Your information was among those mentioned by some syndicate members arrested in Benin Republic, Lagos Nigeria, Accra Ghana and London as one of those who have lost a lot of money to their operations.

You are hereby advised and warned not to communicate or duplicate this message to anybody for any reason whatsoever as the US secret service and the FBI are working day and night to track these criminals down. This has to be kept confidential until these criminals are all apprehended .

We hereby bring to your notice that the sum of $10.5 Million will be credited into your new registered online account and the Online login access information will be given to you, once you provide us with an FBI FRAUD PROTECTION LICENSE REPORT of the funds for final approval and also to avoid the FBI from RED flagging your online account because of the large volume of funds involved. This will enable you log into the online account and make your online transfer to any account of your choice.

You are therefore advised to comply with this instruction immediately and get back to me Asap.

Thank you for banking with us.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Donald V. Hammond
Chief Operating Officer
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