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thailand scammer from cameroon! be warned!

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thailand scammer from cameroon! be warned!

Unread postby morgan432010 » Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:39 pm

I would like to tell my account of living in Thailand with 419 scammer, and gigolo x . I was contacted by x on Facebook in 2016. He kept sending me messages and finally persuaded me to come to Thailand with a promise to marry and return together to the United States.
When I arrived in Thailand, he picked me up from the airport. He was kind to me, but starting to beg for money the next day. He was rude, mean, and controlling as time passed. Even threatened to beat me up if I didn’t give him money. He moved into my house in x and wanted to live the life of a gigolo.
When I was in Thailand, I saw X take money from older women in exchange for sex and companionship. I also saw his friends scam people online from a Thai woman’s house. They were using the computers to do 419 scamming. I also saw lavish displays of money by the Cameroonian 419 syndicate operating out of X , Thailand. Two of his friends are serving life sentences for selling drugs. He also told me most of his friends are on the computer all day long romance scamming people. I was also informed that the Nigerian/Cameroonian men marry Thai women to secure a bank account to launder drug money. I was also informed that any west African man in Thailand is very dangerous. I was also informed that they can plant drugs on someone.

Luckily, I escaped Thailand when I was two months pregnant. My daughter was a human tool for him to come to the United States. He wanted me to file a visa for him to come to the United States. I was able to catch a flight from Bangkok to Seoul, Korea and finally the United States. I decided that my life was potentially in danger when X friends gang raped a Thai woman in a hotel. The two rapists paid off the local police and they are still free in Thailand. I was concerned that X might be a rapist himself. He had sex with one of his students at X . Many of the West African men in Thailand are teachers to get the visa, but unfortunately they are criminal minded people. They often run from job to job because they have arrest warrants out for them.

X and his friends are still free to 419 scam people, sell drugs, and romance scam people. They are always sites like Badoo, Tinder, and Thaifriendly looking for dupes, mules, and other women to help them scam people. They even use European and American people to help them scam people more effectively. Most of they are into making fake passports and other documents. They are a syndicate of scammers and drug dealers. Please be cautious when dealing with West African men, most just want a visa to a richer country to steal money. If you marry them or become their girlfriend they can potentially use you to scam people or carry drugs. Please run from X and others like him! They are nothing more than criminals looking to make quick money and use a woman for a better passport and a visa in her country.
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Re: thailand scammer from cameroon! be warned!

Unread postby Big Al » Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:11 pm

This is not normally anything we deal with here because you met the scammer in person and should file a police report about him and his criminal activities. We do warn victims not to confront their scammers because they often tell those victims that they are scammers but have fallen in love with the victims and want to marry them. They do it to get a green card just as you describe.
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