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Posey - gaper - Stolen images of Sabina Leigh

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Posey - gaper - Stolen images of Sabina Leigh

Unread postby SlapHappy » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:01 pm

Form received 2019-06-12 01:08:20

What name did the scammer use?:
“Posey”. No last name or any other alias.

How old did the scammer say they were?:

What site/app did you first meet the scammer on? Please provide a link if
It was a dating app called “Gaper”. The scammer’s nickname profile

Who made the first contact?:
They contacted me first.

If they asked you to leave the site/app and go elsewhere, where did they
take you?:
They inquired if I had WhatsApp or Telegram, which I know can be
classically scammy, but instead I preferred to text via phone number - as I
said I don’t have a WhatsApp account. So we texted via personal phone
num, which I learned was google voice num

Any other social media profile links used by the scammer.:
Nope. Just text thru a google voice number, operating out of Bethany,
Oklahoma USA

If they gave you a phone number, please add it here.:

Scammer's Skype name.:
Don’t know if they have a Skype name or not.

Scammer's Skype username (right click their photo/avatar and click "view
Don’t know if they have one.

How much money did they demand?:
It was more like a tease/flirty request, but they asked for $200 in
amazon gift card(s).

Name you were told to send the money to.:
Oh I did not go through with it. I told her I did not have the funds to
do such things at the moment and they backed off. I suspect they will/may
attempt later.

What country/city were you told to send the money to?:
I wasn’t told. We didn’t get that far. Though she mentioned to try to
send an Amazon gift card to her - locally in Oklahoma, I presume. But gave
no forwarding address.

How were you to send the money ?:
As I said l, we didn’t get that far in the conversation - I ended it
with saying I didn’t have money like that

What steps, if any, have you already taken to block the scammer?:
I’ve contacted your website and conducted your review and followed your
instructions in full, and I have ceased (ghosted) textual communication
with the scammer.

Should I block their number now? I plan on doing so regardless. I’ve
already made arrangements to minimize my Skype details online, and I
don’t have social media other than a LinkedIn account that is already in
private mode.

Should I simply disappear? I thought that would be safest. And not play
along with the dialogue any further.

Are there any other details you wish to share? Anything you say may help
prevent someone else from being scammed.:
I don’t date often at all, and that is what brought me to such a foolish

I recommend to all out there, to date people in PERSON, and IN LOCALE, if
you choose to date.

I learned the hard way, but our internet has become weaponized nowadays.
It’s a dangerous place, just like a city street at night.

I’m living proof that age has nothing ado with being fooled online.

Be careful and never trust what you see online - trust what you can touch
and what is real.





Number billable as geographic
Country or destination United States
City or exchange location Bethany, OK
Original network provider Southwestern Bell
If anyone asks you for money on the Internet they are always a scammer, 100% of the time.
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