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Notice from Payment Commission.
John Gills <> Today at 14:41
Message body
Attn: Beneficiary/Contractor.

This is to bring to your notice that the Federal Government of Nigeria has formed a Payment Commission to pay out to the Owners of funds whose payment is still outstanding in the next couple of months and Strictly warned you all to avoid any outsiders.
We the Africa payment bank are contacting you for your payment which was long ago approved to pay to you by the Government of this country.
In this regard,we have decided to pay you through our Digital River Visa Electron Card to avoid unnecessary delays as we know the Digital River Visa Electron Card will be the best,easier and faster option for your payment.

Therefore we want you to read the below condition associated with the use of the Digital River Visa Electron Card.

The card will be loaded with your total fund and delivered to you through a Government recognized courier company that has the license to deliver financial instruments without any interruption and this will be done as soon as you respond to this letter and direct the required fee for the delivery of the ATM CARD to your destination.

The Visa Electron Atm Card will allow you to receive money quickly, securely and conveniently in a way never before possible.Benefits of the Digital River Visa Electron Card include:

1- Use your Virtual Visa number to make online purchases wherever Visa is accepted.

2- Use your Visa Electron Card to make purchases at select Visa merchant terminals.

3- Send and receive funds instantly and easily to and from other ePassport account holders.

4- No need to have a bank account to receive money.

5- Very fast payment option, usually faster than a wire transfer.

6- Less expensive than a wire transfer in most cases.

7- Your money is securely deposited in a US Dollar account until you withdraw it.

8- Real time online access to your account balance and transaction history.

9- A personalized Visa Electron card with your embossed name.
10- Secure access to your money.

The bank fees associated with this payment option are outlined below:

1- One time Set-up and Delivery fee: $380 only.

2- Value Load fee: $7.00 (charged each time money is transfer to your card)

3- ATM Withdrawal fee: $2.00 per transaction (charged each time you withdraw money from an ATM machine)

4- Annual fee: $55.00 per card (automatically deducted from your card's account each year)

Any additional fees (such as for a replacement of a lost card) are completely outlined in the Terms and Conditions you will receive when you request the card.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Do I need a bank account to use the card?
A: No - you do not need a bank account to use the card. All you need is a payment card and access to an ATM machine to receive your money.

Q: Do I need to submit any documentation to apply for a card?
A: No......

Q: What currency will I receive my money in ?
A: You will receive your money in the currency that the ATM machine provides, which is generally the currency of the country
that the ATM machine is located in. When you make your withdrawal,the amount you withdraw will be converted into the ATM's currency at very competitive exchange rate.

Q: Will the ATM card work in my country ?
A: Yes - the ATM card will work in almost every country in the world.

Q: Can I use my card for credit card purchases ?
A: YES - Your Visa Electron Card can also be used for point-of-sale transactions at select Visa merchant terminals worldwide.

Q: Can I get a second card for my spouse,relative or friend ?
A: Only one card can be issued per individual.

Q: What happens if I do not withdraw my money right away ?

A: Nothing - you are not required to withdraw all or any of your money immediately. You can let your money remain in your account indefinitely. Your account balance will be securely held (in US Dollars) until you decide to withdraw it.

Q: What if I decide later that I no longer want to receive payments through the payment card ?

A: No problem - just change your payment option in your account and you can begin to receive payments through another option. You can keep your card so you can still access any remaining money in your account or if you decide to use the Visa Electron Card payment option again in the future.

Q: Will my Visa Electron Card expire ?

A: For security reasons, your Visa Electron Card will automatically expire on the date printed on the card. This date is 2 years from time the card is issued. Before your card expires,a new card will be sent to you with a new expiration date.

Q:How do I access my balance online, change my card's PIN or view my transaction history ?

A: You will be provided with a special URL in the documentation with your card where you can login to view your transactions,print your statements,and change your PIN.
We hope you have digested every explanation associated with the use of the ATM CARD, In that regard we are expecting your earlier payment response to enable us issue and deliver your payment CARD to your house address without any delay.

Call me now on:+2347083820508,immediately after reading this email as I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Contact me through this Email:

Yours Faithfully,

John Gills
Chairman Payment Commission.
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