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A different AI engine.

Unread postby Wayne » Fri Mar 29, 2024 11:41 am

I'm trying a different AI chatbot today after seeing it trawling the site. First thing I always do is ask it for advice on what to do if you've been scammed. This is the result:

I'm sorry to hear that you've been the victim of a scam. That can be a violating and frustrating experience. Here are some tips for dealing with being scammed:

Don't beat yourself up. Scammers are skilled manipulators who deliberately mislead people. Getting scammed doesn't make you gullible or stupid - it just means you were unfortunately the target of criminals.
Report it. Report the scam to the proper authorities like the police, your bank, the Federal Trade Commission, etc. Reporting helps track down the scammers and may help recover some losses.
Change compromised information. If you provided account numbers, passwords, or other sensitive info, change them immediately across all affected accounts.
Check your credit reports. Scammers may try opening accounts in your name. Review credit reports and place fraud alerts as needed.
Seek support. Dealing with a scam can be emotionally draining. Lean on a support system of friends/family and don't be afraid to seek counseling if you feel depressed or anxious about it.
Strengthen defenses. Use this as a learning experience to strengthen your security practices - scrutinize unsolicited offers, don't give out personal info carelessly, etc.
Stop engaging. Resist any attempt by the scammers to re-engage with you. Cease all communication as soon as the scam is apparent.
The most important thing is not to dwell on self-blame. Refocus your energy on damage control, protecting your information, and guarding against future scams. With time, this will become an learning experience.

What'll be interesting is to see how much the results it gives changes after going through the site. It's one to keep an eye on at least. So far I definitely like the "don't blame yourself" advice it gives.
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