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How to lose 800 US $

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How to lose 800 US $

Unread postby Fallerup » Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:24 am

My story begins one spring evening in 2007. I sit in my room checking email and of course, I naturally check my spam mail too... and then I come upon an email that says, if I do this and this, I can get 3 million dollars. It all started like a joke at first on my part. I thought, this should be fun and can't hurt right?
Wrong! we exchange emails and even phone numbers. Of course I checked the number and it was from Ghana, just like he said (Accura Ghana, just like the scammer post I posted earlier). I don't really remember all the details of each letter, this was 5 years ago and I deleted everything and burned all the papers I had on the case, I just wanted to forget it because I felt so stupid!

So I ended up sending them around 800 $ and I took a picture of my passport and I gave them info about all sorts of things, because they said they needed proof, after I said, I wasn't able to come down to Ghana to collect the money, I had to hire some guy to get it for me. When I was at the western uniion, he called me and asked if I had sent the money, because he was on his way to the courthouse to take care of everything. I told him I sent it and then he said everything would be taken care of.
the next day, he called me again and said that something went wrong and I had to pay another 200 $ and I was shouting on the phone because I was getting mad and my mother heard me. After I hung up, she asked me who it was and why I was speaking english and what money I was talking about... she then quickly got a hold of my bank manager and we had a little talk. he said I wasn't the first person to be cheated like this. we then talked for a couple of hours and decided to print out every email that he sent and I sent back to him and go to the police. Then the man emailed me again and asked where the money was and I replied that I wasn't giving him any more and then he threated to report me to the police in my kingdom (take note: not my country, but the kingdom it belongs to) and I just laughed at him and told him that I already talked to the police. He rang me again while I was talking to the police inspector and I handed him my phone and I never heard from the man again.

Since then, I've been getting some emails that said they were from Ghana and they were sorry that this and that man cheated me and they wanted to give me back my money and a compansation and I just told them that I just wanted to forget the whole nightmare.

here I am 5 years later and I haven't forgotten :(
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Re: How to lose 800 US $

Unread postby scallywag » Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:16 am

Hi Fallerup,

Sorry to hear you lost money to a scammer. Like yourself, I am also an ex victim who lost a huge amount of money to a Nigerian Scammer. Today I am stronger, although like yourself, its something I can never forget. The scars remain, but its not about the money that was lost, its the feelings, the emotions, the trust and confidence that is taking its time to heal.

Regarding receiving emails from someone in Ghana saying they are sorry and that they can get your money back. Please beware this is called a 'Recovery Scam', and is probably your old scammer or his friends trying to 'Hook you back in' to their Scams. Continue to ignore anymore emails you receive from them, by either deleting without opening them, or blocking that email account they are using.

Keep up the good work Fallerup..both you and I are 'Survivors' and will ever move on in life, a little more knowledgeable in knowing all the tell tale signs of these wicked criminals who steal people's hearts and kindness for their greed in the form of Money to fund their sordid lifestyle of 'showing off in front of their friends the latest in ipods/iphones/cars/jewellery/designer clothes... :evil:

Take Care....Scally :wink:
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Re: How to lose 800 US $

Unread postby SlapHappy » Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:13 pm

Thanks for telling your story, Fallerup. It shows that anyone can fall for a scam if they are vulnerable, and he seemed to know what yours were at the time, and played on that.
Scammers send out all kinds of Recovery Scams as part of their regular bunch of scam emails every day. It's mass mailing, hoping to find a previous victim of a scam and convincing them that their money can be returned. Money sent to scammers is never returned. This is a scammer "invention," with no basis in fact, just one of their Fantasy Stories, like soldiers paying for leaves in romance scams. This might be your scammer, but after 5 years, it is most likely some other scammers sending you these scams. Scally is right. Don't answer them. But if you want to post them in the Scam Emails section to warn others, you may do so. You might just save someone else from sending one of these thieves money.
If anyone asks you for money on the Internet they are always a scammer, 100% of the time.
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