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Marilynmonroe's story

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Re: Marilynmonroe's story

Unread postby firefly » Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:20 pm


i know it is not easy for you and we all are with you in this attempt to regain your life back. Keep your confidence and trust your common sense in this matter. I receive emails like this one in my baitings accounts frequently, without having any previous contacts with the person sending those mails. I receive also frequently messages telling me "hey, your ex has posted nudes picture with you online, click here if you want to see them". It could be your scammer, but also just shootings in the dark.

We both talk alot, after you have found that you deal with a scammer, about what stop all contacts mean. And about how to protect yourself online better by no adding strangers contacts for a while, because your scammer may return using another fake profile. We have also talk about "dont read any email received from the scammer" - more than once, if i remember right. Even if you dont reply, just reading his messages maintain a contact, MarilynM. Is enough for your scammer tu use one tracking device (and yes, not all scammers are stupid, some of them can do that...) and he will know every time when you open his email.

I'm sorry to disagree with Pinky in this matter, about answering. No matter the answer will be, it will re-establish the contact. Even if you let him know that you´re angry, the scammer will be pleased to find that you still have feelings for him, bad ones, agree, but better as none... And you dont need that, because it will drag you back in the previous stage and you will manage more harder to get out of this.

Just between you, me and all other users here, i can tell you that my scammer (i have told you i was scammed) keep sending me emails even now, even if is alot of time since i have cut the contact. And that´s happend because i have not changed my email adress used with him. In the meantime, this email adress was selled and buyed many times, and so it´s yours and all other email adresses: the scammers are doing that after they can not obtain your money. And in this way, your email adress and your other life details shared with the scammer are in someone else´s property, and this someone else will try to use them in another way to obtain your money.

The rules are clear, if you want to be free for this:
- delete and block the scammer on every single place where you have had contacts with him - email, phone number social/dating sites etc.
- if your phone number was used - change it
- if your profile online was used - delete it and made another one
- if your bank account was used it - contact your bank and ask for a change account
- if your home/work adress was used - dont accept any delivery from unknown person, because it may be goods buyed with stolen money/credit card and you can have legal problems by accepting them
- dont accept add or friend requests from unhkown person for a while
- deactivate your email adress and make another one; if you can not deactivate your email adress just made another one and dont go to read messages on the older one again.

No matter what reason, the scammer will remain active in your life so long you let him to be part of your life. To cut the contacts online with the scammer was the easy part. Next step is to cut his out of your mind, without forgetting to be extremely cautious about anyone meet just online...
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Google can be your best friend;use it if you have doubts about someone met online. If someone met online only asks for money, no matter what reason, it´s 100% scam.
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Re: Marilynmonroe's story

Unread postby marilynmonroe » Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:28 pm

Hi 911 and Firefly
I haven't been in contact with my scammer since March and I am getting on with life. I am getting stronger each day but I did have a scare last week when I recieved an email from him which I deleted but advised the police. I reported the scam to the police. I have certainly learnt my lesson and have been very cautious on the Internet securing my social networks. I was a pretty strobe person before this happened but I must say I was a mess during .... I am getting stronger.

I am getting some help as well. It will take time and soon one day I hope to be here more to help other victims. It breaks my heart to read the new members and the new scams. It appears the blackmail is happening more and more.

Thanks again for being there to all of you for support. It is really appreciated.

I know I will be okay!

Best regards
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Re: Marilynmonroe's story

Unread postby Big Al » Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:48 pm

If it seems to be happening more and more it is possibly because the scammers are having more & more success with this type of scam. Those of you have towed the line and not given in to these scammers will be an inspiration to those who will follow. You will be able to tell those who are yet to come here how you combatted your scammers and that in the long run it was the correct thing to do.
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