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I am an avon rep who fell for a scam!

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I am an avon rep who fell for a scam!

Unread postby Porshasolis » Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:50 pm

I had been getting emails since sept from a barbara beaver who needed to order products for an upcoming wedding. I did not order product until i had a payment. Payment came from a law office in alabama who was victim of fraud years ago. Barbara said her uncle " the laywer" accidently included wedding planners travel expenses in with avon payment. I didnt deposit the 1960.81 check until it was confirmed by a local business owner that it was a real check. The avon order was $159.42. The next day i did deposit check and waited 1-2 days thinking my bank would catch any faults regarding the check. Well, it was in my account so i did pull the extra money out and money gram it to a lindsey hansen in williston, N.D. the money was picked up in minot, N.D. Being as this check had the waterseal and i looked up the laywer who is ligit, i figured i could probably get into some trouble if i did not mail the check. On my husbands payday our bank account was wiped out and still negative $400.00. I went to the bank where i was told it was a forged check and i was responsible for the money since i signed the check. My bank then told me there was no way to get funds back, so my husband had to take out a loan. I reported to the lawter, usps, and police dept. The police dept. Informed that the bank account the check was used from had been closed for years!! So why am i responsible?? I would think the first thing a bank would do is check and see if it is even an account, instead of just giving me $1801.00 through the drive-thru.
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Re: I am an avon rep who fell for a scam!

Unread postby Wayne » Sun Nov 29, 2015 4:48 pm

We're sorry to hear you were scammed in this way. This is what's referred to as an overpayment scam and relies on the fact the banks will "provisionally" clear a cheque within a few days. Because all the checks the bank would need to take can take weeks or even months, they allow the funds to go into your account within a few days but reserve the right to cancel the credit if the cheque doesn't clear. Most of the time this isn't an issue, but scammers have worked out that they can use this to their advantage. Please keep us informed of any developments in your case, and also please post up the details of the scammer so that others can be warned and not have to go through what you have.
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Re: I am an avon rep who fell for a scam!

Unread postby HillBilly » Sat Dec 05, 2015 6:15 pm

Porshasolis, welcome to Scam Survivors. Sorry to hear you were scammed.

As Wayne said, "provisionally".... the fact is by US Law banks must make funds available to you in a certain amount of time, depending on what State you are in. Fact #2 is that the amount of time is far from what it can actually take to clear the check completely and get the money in your account, 100%.

The initial paperwork you signed when you got the bank account has wording in it that says ( in short) -- if a problem happens, it is your fault, not ours. And we will charge you for it. that is why they back charged your account.

It is also possible you could face criminal charges ( depending on the State you live in), even though you are a victim. Now that is a real Bite in the skin, isn't it?? However, it is true.

Please see this for more information. There is also a link to "REPORT IT" on the page, should you wish to do so. It is not a police agency, just a site similar to this one.

If you haven't done so already, it may be a good idea to report it to your local police. That way there is a record showing you as the victim.

You should also report it to the US Postal Inspector, since it came in the US mail. Find your local one here :
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