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How I became a scamhunter

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How I became a scamhunter

Unread postby TheDane » Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:04 am

Hi all. I call myself TheDane, and I'm from Denmark, as my name suggests. I've never been scammed, but I've always hated scammers with a vengeance, whether it was street hustlers playing find-the-queen, or corporate scale Ponzi schemes. And I've also spent years being annoyed to hell about those Nigerian mails that always ends up in the spamfilter.

One night, some 2 years ago, I was bored on a summer night, and purposely surfed the net. I don't remember how, but suddently I'd stumbled across something called a 'scambait'. It was a scambaiter that called himself JojoBean, who had fooled an African 419 scammer for 2½ years, wasting his time. I downloaded the pdf and started reading - and 3 hours and 338 A4 pages later I was speechless. This was among the funniest things I've ever read - and the best part was, that this was something I could do as well!

A link led me to, and I started reading threads there. The next day, I opened some mail accounts, and sent out my first replies to scammers. I found out that I had a good talent for baiting scammers - I've played role playing games since I was a teenager, and the expierience from that was something I could really use in this new thing. Here, two years later, I'm still hooked, and since I'm now between jobs, I have more time on my hands, and thought I'd lend a bit more effort to the warning aspect of fighting internet scams. So I will try to read, learn, and constribute with whatever knowledge and expierience I have with general or particular scams and/or scammers.

Nice to be here! :)

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Re: How I became a scamhunter

Unread postby firefly » Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:08 am

Welcome, TheDane!

Thank you for your story. Nice to have you here.
Help yourself by helping others - report your scammer here.
Google can be your best friend;use it if you have doubts about someone met online. If someone met online only asks for money, no matter what reason, it´s 100% scam.
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Re: How I became a scamhunter

Unread postby Ruffled Feathers » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:56 pm

Hi /Dane

Welcome glad you joined us. Your baiting experience can do alot of good on this site, helping others recover from their scams and just knowing there are baiters willing to take on the scammers is a comfort. Thanks for what you do to get even with these low lifes --- better known as a POS!!

A scammer is only as good as the fear he creates.
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Re: How I became a scamhunter

Unread postby duckhunter » Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:44 am

Welcome TheDane.
"It is good to see what is beautiful, but you must also observe the ugly things ... you must be awake to everything ... you must be exposed to things which you don't quite understand, for the more you ponder over these matters which may be difficult for you, the greater will be your capacity to live richly." Krishnamurti.
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Re: How I became a scamhunter

Unread postby SlapHappy » Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:47 pm

Welcome TheDane. Thank you for your generosity in helping survivors recover from their scams.
Good luck with your job search. :D
If anyone asks you for money on the Internet they are always a scammer, 100% of the time.
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Re: How I became a scamhunter

Unread postby Pinky » Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:02 pm

Hello to The Dane! Like you, I started by baiting but time became scarce in real life and what little I had left I realized was more effectively used by helping scam victims and educating potential scam victims.
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Re: How I became a scamhunter

Unread postby Radik » Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:19 am

We joined the fight when we got the second letter in postal mail from a 60 year old retiree in briton;
who was scammed out of 60k pounds by using pictures we purchased from a producer.

We fight on another level inside the adult industry doing our best to have Ghana and Nigeria blocked from
getting access to content on a large scale.

We are responsible for all the broken images on a scammers browser as he browsers for content to use.
Forcing vpn's that can be blocked by classification from companies like maxmind. We compile and submit fraud
reports for various ip's inside Africa. IMHO nothing good comes from Ghana and Nigeria they need to be just cutoff.

Our Story..
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