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I'm sick and tired of these scammers!!!!

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I'm sick and tired of these scammers!!!!

Unread postby vernpalmer » Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:37 am

My goal is to put every scam I get on this site. I can't imagine anyone falling for these scams, they are so transparent and made by complete morons. Yet I hear people do fall for them. If every scam is posted here and helps to put these scum of the Earth out of business, I will continue to do so. :D
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I'm sick and tired of these scammers!!!!

Unread postby SlapHappy » Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:48 pm

they are so transparent and made by complete morons

They are only transparent to you because you have seen many of them and they are familiar to you. To new internet users, the disabled, and other vulnerable groups, they are not. Also, these "morons" also run many other types of scams and are members of organized criminal gangs. Almost anyone can be involved in some type of scam run by these people.

Thanks for posting the emails that fall into your inboxes here. Many of the same details posted show up in other scams, like a fake website, a phishing scam, a romance scam, etc. and every detail is important. Even if the potential victim is not fooled by the scam posted, they may look around our site and other place online to learn about the other ways scammers try to steal their money and will be educated not to fall for them. You will probably never hear back from the ones that were saved from your posts, but just realize that they do help. Scammers cannot be stopped, only slowed down, but every victim saved in the process of warning is worth it.
If anyone asks you for money on the Internet they are always a scammer, 100% of the time.
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