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Unread postby Wayne » Sat May 15, 2021 4:09 pm

Greetings/Your urgent reply

Dr Sarah M. Jabbar <>


Sat, 15 May at 14:13

Dear Respectfully,

I am Dr. Sarah Moses, a medical practitioner from Damascus, Syria. I
write to seek your assistance to help me and two young daughters
achieve our aim of relocating out of Syria to your country.We are very
responsible people who have the aim to invest in your country as we
have the financial strength to do so. But my major concern is that we
do not want to be faced with the treatment of being treated as
refugees or second class citizens which so many Syrian business people
who traveled out without making right contacts or proper arrangements
are faced with.

Due to this fact, I sincerely seek your assistance and partnership as
our foreign partner who will direct and manage the affairs of our
investments which we will partner with you in your home country. Even
we are ready to part 30% of all the proceeds of investment to you so
that you feel comfortable securing our interest. I look forward to
hearing from you as I will also need your assistance in helping us
purchase a living house and as well get a good school where my
children will continue with their educational career.

Your urgent reply is needed at

Best Regards
Dr Sarah M. Jabbar
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