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Unread postby Wayne » Sun Oct 25, 2020 11:55 pm

Re: Approval Payment Amount Of $3.7M In Your Favor <>

Sun, 25 Oct at 19:59

Attn: Payment File No: 04

Re: Approval Payment Amount Of $3.7M In Your Favor

It is with pleasure that we inform you about the approval of the above sum as immediate payment due to you which came back as a result of World Bank Covid 19 Intervention palliative to deserving beneficiaries whose funds are held back by some African governments.

The world bank shall pay you the above sum upon completion of few simple procedures and thereafter we shall debit the account of the African government responsible for your payment.

Accordingly, we request you to furnish us with the following information for final verification, vetting and payment:
1. Your Full Name and Address
2. Telephone Numbers
3. Copy of your identification

Further payment directives shall be communicated as soon as we validate your data upon your prompt responds
Best Regards

Best Regards
Rev Paul Adams
Media Consultant

David R. Malpass
President, World Bank Group
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