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Unread postby Wayne » Fri Jun 05, 2020 1:26 pm

The truth about your payment


Thu, 4 Jun at 11:43

Attn: Sir./Madam,

Before I proceed further, I wish to introduce myself to you, I am Mr Duduga Nwanganga, the computer manager Central Bank of Nigeria (where Foreign transfers are programmed before transferring to beneficiary accounts).

I deem it fit to write and ask, if at all you do think as a normal human been, even somebody with half brain who has been dealing with some individual for the past 7 years till moment without achieving anything, and he or she continues dealing with the people, I think there is abnormality there.

I know that people do not value truth this time, but I am surprise that you have been dealing with people in this office without achieving anything instead you continue sending, $30, $50, $100 and $200 to people to achieve their selfish interest, why?

Now my good friend, if you can assure me that you will not reveal anybody what I have told you, I will tell you what you do to get your payment made to your bank account through our correspondence bank in UK, the Santander BANK UK,without much impediment.

I am attaching to you my id card for you to know that I am for real, and on no account should you reveal me to anybody here in Nigeria till you get your payment as I have said, this is because I have my family that are still young that I have to take care of and train, so please for my safety keep this very secret.

Duduga Nwanganga.

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