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Mrs. Rosmah <>

Thu, 4 Jun at 06:49

Thanks for your respond and for giving me the privilege to discuss
with you, please I want this conversation to be a confidential one
because of my position in my place of work. I work in the Emirates
NBD, BANK and I am the manager remittance department. There's an
opportunity which I want us to utilize, because of this Corona virus
pandemic the world is facing now. Government,banks and some industries
are releasing funds in other to give aids to people and for medical

As the remittance department manager I and my colleagues discovered an
abandoned sum of 10,2 million USD in our safety deposit vault that
belongs to one of our late customer. I have the entire information
about this deposit and because of the global crisis which the world is
facing right now, it will be great if we can use this opportunity to
move this fund out from bank. Our Branch here has donated Billions of
dollar in the quest to support fight against the Covid19 pandemic. As
a matter of fact, a lot of transaction is going in the banks allover
the world now so this is a perfect time for this.

I also assure you that this is 100% risk free because I am not the
only one on this, the Vault manager is also aware of the fund. If you
are interested to collaborate with us, kindly send me your details
including your cell phone number/telephone number, for easy
communication. And I will revert back to you with details on how we go
about the fund as soon as I receive your swift reply with your full
information. I will be glad if we can seize this opportunity to get
this done.
Kindly find the attachment for my pics and please send me your pics as well.
Regards,Contact me on my (
Mrs. Rosmah
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