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Unread postby Wayne » Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:22 pm

Ref: Final Payment Notification Release: US $ 11, 500, 000.00.


Fri, 13 Mar at 11:32

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
33 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10038 USA.
Valued Amount: US $ 11, 500, 000.00.

Ref: Final Payment Notification Release:

This is to inform you that We-have this day 6th November. 2019 received a payment credit compensation from The Federal government of the United States to credit your account with your full Inheritance fund of $11.5Million dollars from the U S reserve account with our bank,

Express instructions have been given to Federal Reserve Bank of New York to credit your personal bank account with the outstanding sum valued for US$11,500,000.00 as,soon as you receive this mail notification and contact Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Meanwhile Equity Bank received advise from our bank crediting adviser that it will be HITCH free for the crediting of the said funds to your personal bank account to be done through Federal Reserve Bank of New York because of the amount involved so we decided to allow Federal Reserve Bank of New York to handle the final crediting of the funds to your personal bank account as it will be faster.

However, you shall required to provide the followings Details below:

{1}. Full Name and Address.:
{2}. Confidential Tel, Cell.
{3). Bank name and address.:
{4). A/c Name and A/c Numbers.:
(5). Swift Code / Routing Numbers.:

Please do provide the above information accurately, because this office cannot afford to be held liable for any wrong transfer of funds or liability of funds credited into a ghost account.

Thanks for banking with our Bank while we looking forward to serving you with the best of our service.

Thanks and God bless you.

Yours in Service,
John C. Williams
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